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Post cards from Neverland

Post cards from Neverland is a personal project. It started out of curiosity combined with my joy in using old-school communication devices such as post. I was wondering what would happen if I wanted to send a post card from the north, the de-facto state, to south, Republic of Cyprus, an official state, and if it was possible what kind of procedure would it go through. Would it be sent to Turkey, then to Greece then to RoC or just get lost in the broken system of bureaucracy? And is it possible to utilize governmental mechanisms to cooperate via post? I started asking for peoples addresses and once I collected enough I went to the post office to send them. I used post-cards designed by local visual artists and graphic designers. Once the post cards were sent I asked people to take a photo of it and send it to me for archival reasons as well as a proof. Some of the addresses were literally walking distance away from the border, yet people received their post cards within 10-14 days in Nicosia and even longer for Larnaca and Limassol. While I was doing this, I met a journalist named Eleni who interviewed me about my project. We then decided that it would be a good idea to also interview the post office in the north to find out how this works. To our surprise, we found out that  there is a postal exchange once a week at Ledra Palace since the separation. It is mostly official documents and almost always lost or confused mail due to the nature of the situation in Cyprus. It is hardly ever personal mail and it is never on purpose. So in that sense I achieved my purpose of using both states governmental systems to create and enable interpersonal connections between both sides.

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