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I will not abandon

"I will not abandon" is a photographic installation embodying the decaying memory of the notion of home. It was a site-specific project that deals with the lived experience, the distorted memory and fragmentation of a life. This house taken many roles through out its long life. A house older than I am. It has served as a home to several families, as a military head quarters, a shoe workshop, and it was recently abandoned since the owner died and the remaining relatives didn't own it. This piece was inspired from the houses point of view hinting to the fragments of different experiences that had taken place. the photographs were exhibited as light boxes, with a sound piece that was installed into one of the pidgeon boxes I found in the house.

This performance was a collaboration with Sümer Erek, as part of his installation. Although he had a specific choreography in mind, I gradually broke from the repetitive moves and started to explore the rest of the exhibition with the same notion as the performance. The piece deals with war trauma, memory and deconstruction of the memory. Unfortunately there are no video documentation of this piece.

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