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Territorially is a participatory workshop inspired from the performative rituals and traditions of Cypriot culture.

It aims to explore the way we relate to our surroundings as well as to each other as a community in a mindful manner while using organic elements that we take for granted. Using plants, colours and traditions that we consider to be very Cypriot such as threading jasmines, collecting babutsa, or burning dry olive branches, thee participants are proposed to ponder upon what is native, what is foreign, what belongs to us and to what do we belong.

Understanding and reflecting on how we relate to the space and each other helps us redefine and heal our bonds.

"All the sweet things they whispered into my ear", is an attempt to exorcise some of the damaging language I have been subjected to, solely because I am a woman. Let it be an ex-boyfriend, a friend, a lover, or a complete stranger who consciously or unconsciously used an objectifying, belittling, demeaning, disrespecting, dismissing, damaging language that left its own unique watermark.

The piece is a durational performance, that took place in House of Strange as part of "Nothing is Certain / Kesin birşey yok" (23.04.2019), a collective happening in response to uncertainty and fluidity of the past, present and future, gender-identity, sexual orientation and body politics.

An installation was set up and used as a stage of the performance, accompanied by a melodic sound piece composed of the language I have been subjected to. The performance continued until the end of the night where I was actively engaging with the audience in a character, conversing and offering bubble wrap to be popped.


*Video coming soon.

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