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AKA the question game  

Invented by Hayal, in order to facilitate an open, honest, sincere, respectful and equal communication between two individuals. The rules are simple; each person has the right to ask minimum of three questions, every question you ask you have to answer it for yourself as well, you are allowed to pass one question, however this cannot be your own question, each player has to answer in complete honesty and truthfulness. This series took place in an abandoned house in Lofuo, near Troodos mountain, Cyprus. The house had no roof, and only the main door was left standing. Each of the five participants had an appointment, and each session was recorded with a voice recorder. Gradually rituals started to form such as having jasmine, burning coffee to keep the mosquitos away and closing the session with a hug. This work has transformed and perfomed during other happenings, exhibitions and events, each time adapting to what the space and people are providing.

Kral çıplak / Critique and the Cypriot summer / Ήνταμπου κάμνουμεν δαμέ

also check out; for more information and work produced during and as a result of Xarkis residency.

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