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Cities are not made of roads and buildings, but of experiences lived, of an intricate network of human connection weaved, and of shared memories. Cities are the embodiment of their inhabitants and are organic structures that are ever-changing, reforming and collapsing.

45o is an intimate analogue photography project where the city of Λευκωσία/Lefkoşa is being observed and felt through different people’s experiences coming from different generations and backgrounds.

Each photograph is taken at a specific location that holds importance to the person as they shared an intimate detail.

45o is psycho-geographical mapping of a wounded city where we are re- tracing a memory, a feeling, or an incident.


An indication of sentimental relationship between the location and the person and to create the ephemeral nature of remembrance. It is more of romantic documentation rather than factual, of Λευκωσία/Lefkoşa on both sides.

By allowing the people of Λευκωσία/Lefkoşa guide us, we get to listen to the untold stories of ordinary streets, squares, alleyways and buildings and create an alternative scope of tales and personal histories from the life point of view.

or an incident.

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