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  1. used to refer to a person or thing that is different or distinct from one already mentioned or known about:

    "stick the camera on a tripod or some other means of support" ·


    "other people found her difficult" · "a language unrelated to any other"

  2. further; additional:

    "one other word of advice" ·


    "Labour would have 49 MPs plus ten others"

    synonyms: more · further · additional · extra · added ·


    supplementary · supplemental

  3. BRIT.


    (the other)

    used euphemistically to refer to sexual intercourse:

    "a bit of the other"

  4. philosophy


    (the other)

    that which is distinct from, different from, or opposite to something or oneself.

    "she needs to escape the tyranny of the Other"


  1. view or treat (a person or group of people) as intrinsically different from and alien to oneself:

    "a critique of the ways in which the elderly are othered by society"

How I was 'othered' by the curator.

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